The Beacon Aqueous Microshunt is an investigational device. This website will give a preview of what we hope Beacon will do for glaucoma sufferers after we’ve completed our clinical trial work and other testing.

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A Visionary Treatment

We envision a new standard in treating refractory glaucoma to better meet the needs of patients and physicians. We know glaucoma is a progressive disease causing irreversible vision loss and can leave a person feeling helpless and anxious. The goal of the Beacon Aqueous Microshunt is to lower intraocular pressure to levels that may help protect against further vision loss, especially in cases where conventional treatments aren't working.
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Minuscule but Mighty

When it comes to combating glaucoma, the Beacon Aqueous Microshunt is seriously different. Our small but highly state-of-the-art device is designed to alleviate intraocular pressure through draining aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the eye’s surface (instead of inward or to an enclosed space like other devices).

Why We Created Beacon
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Beacon's unique approach theoretically provides a way to precisely engineer drainage specifications, without the limitations of other devices that drain inside the eye or into an enclosed space.

How Beacon Works
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The technology may be complex, but the design is elegantly simple. If you’re a physician or glaucoma patient looking for more information on Beacon’s clinical trials, give us a moment to introduce ourselves.

Clinical Trials

“It has been a great honor of mine to work with MicroOptx on the development of the Beacon Aqueous Microshunt. In doing so, I had the distinct privilege of placing the first Beacon Aqueous Microshunt in a human patient in 2018. From that experience, and multiple others since, there is no doubt in my mind that this device will significantly change the way glaucoma is cared for surgically. The passion shown by the MicroOptx team to develop, study, and perfect this device is beyond inspiring. I have been so blessed to be a part of this story, and I will continue to champion this company and this device for the sake of my patients, and glaucoma patients worldwide.”

Patrick J. Riedel, MD Minnesota Eye Consultants