The Beacon Aqueous Microshunt is an investigational device. This website will give a preview of what we hope Beacon will do for glaucoma sufferers after we’ve completed our clinical trial work and other testing.

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How Beacon Works

Relief Designed to Endure

Beacon is engineered with the intent of lowering intraocular pressure by directly diverting the fluid that causes pressure buildup within the eye to the eye's surface. By controlling pressure, there is potential to minimize or stop the progression of vision loss.

Beacon In a Blink

Easy on the Eyes

Beacon can be implanted with a device insertion process that is engineered with the intent of causing patients little to no discomfort post-surgery.

Invisible Device, Visible Results

Beacon is practically invisible to the naked eye, so you have a chance to see without others seeing the device.

Soothing to the Eye

Because the aqueous humor drains to the eye’s surface, there is potential that irritated eyes may have relief when the eye is bathed by aqueous humor from the Beacon. Beacon uses microscale geometry to divert fluid at a rate that should feel imperceptible, without being excessive.

Designed With an Eye on Safety

Our unique approach to treating glaucoma comes with a theoretical increase in risk of infection, but Beacon is carefully designed to resist bacterial encroachment and infection using a combination of physical and chemical properties. Our eventual aim is to provide patients with revolutionary relief from glaucoma while minimizing risk of infection.